Designing for an UK based Insurtech start-up.


Concept: ICONIC Consulting & Maria Helena Toscano – Art Direction: Maria Helena Toscano


Brand Identity

InMyBag it’s a gadget insurance that replaces your devices within 24 hours. It was designed for mobile professionals who rely on them to work, and which they carry around with them every day, often worth thousands of pounds. That makes InMyBag more of an emergency breakdown service for your bag and your gadgets inside.



Campaigning & Social Media



Elegant — Functional

One of key points in the development of the look and feel was to be as distinctive as possible from the classic insurance company. The logo illustrates different elements in a bag, using a different font to represent each different gadget, resulting in an unique typographic system. The inclusion of hand-drawn illustrations was designed to carry out the right balance of friendliness. The chosen colour palette is vibrant, optimistic and modern.


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